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An online form has been provided in the software for Registration of Societies/Trusts/Organizations etc. in DDA. This registration in DDA will be renewed annually as per calendar year. In the software Societies have to apply for registering themselves through the software and will provide following information : -

1. New/renewal

2. In case a new society is to be registered , the name of Society/Trust/Organization is to be entered by the applicant.

3. In case renewal is being done by the society , existing file no. will be displayed in the combo box , once the file no. selected by the applicant , name of the society will be displayed.

4. Email-id which is a mandatory field is to be entered by the applicant

5. Mobile no. which is a mandatory field is to be entered by the applicant

6. All the documents as mentioned in the policy are to be uploaded by the applicant
The documents required for registration are as under:-
i)     Applications signed by Executive  Officer of the Society
ii)    Registration certificate with Delhi Government
iii)   Memorandum/Bye Laws of Society
iv)   Proposal for registration of society in DDA
v)    IT Retrun of previous year or Form 60, in case IT return is not filed by the
       society or an affidavit to the effect that IT return is not filed by them.
vi)   Copy of PAN Card of any Executive Member of the Society
vii)  Copy of ID proof of Executive Members of the Society
viii) Copy of proof of Bank Account in the name of society to be registered
       and to be operated for booking purpose.

7. After applying for registration/renewal of Societies/Trusts/Organizations etc. in DDA by the applicant, the same is to be registered by Director(IL) based on the verification of uploaded documents. After registration by Dir(IL), a new file no. will be generated through the system in case of new registration. In case of renewal old File no. will be retained. File no. generated and a verification code are sent to the applicant on the email-id entered by the applicant and this file no. and verification code are to be used at the time of booking.