Generate DDA Flats E-Challan & Make Payment

Important Instruction:-To fillup challan and make payment
Note 1:- Challan once generated and payment made through it, can't be used again the same challan.
Payment made through used challan shall be treated as Invalid !
नोट 1:- एक बार चालान बनाने के बाद और इसके माध्यम से एक बार भुगतान करने के पश्चात्, उसी चालान को दोबारा भुगतान करने के लिए प्रयोग नहीं किया जा सकता है।चालान के माध्यम से दुबारा किया गया भुगतान अमान्य माना जाएगा!
Note 2:- Pay exact amount which is given in challan, more or less payment amount shall be treated as Invalid !
नोट 2:- चालान में जो राशि दी गई है, उसका सटीक भुगतान करें, कम या ज्यादा भुगतान राशि को अमान्य माना जाएगा!
Note 3:- No Chargeback will be permitted through Banks. For any chargeback, the customer/allottee will have to contact DDA. Misuse of charge back facility may lead to cancellation of allotment/application
File Details
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*File No. ( ) / / Ensure to Fill Correct File No.
Note:  File No. Example - L / 312 (0001) 2003 / NPRS / DW
Details: L for Category Header / 312 for Locality Header (0001 for Sequence No) 2003 for Year / NPRS for Scheme ID / DW for Locality ID
Flat/Plot/Unit Details
Sector Block Pocket *Flat/Plot/Unit No.
FL NO/ID Area Sq. Mtr. Scheme
Allottee Details
*Name of the Allottee
Pin Code
*Depositor Name
*Email ID
*Mobile No. [Not add +91]
Type of Payment
Payment Type Code Amount
Total Amount
Mode of Payment
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